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Artist Enivo in action

per Aline Anzzelotti

Art in the city for anyone to see. Our great artist and founder Enivo, has been developing a work in gable to drop the jaw, fill the eyes and soothe the soul.

First of all for those who don't know. Gable are the side walls of a building, without openings (windows or doors), these walls are prepared to receive another building leaning against. Blind wall of a building that is usually back to another building.

There are other types of gables, but that is beside the point since we are talking about a specific artistic intervention in the city of São Paulo. But for those interested, it's worth researching about the subject, because in addition to the various types, there are great works of art made in gables throughout history.

NaLata International Festival of Urban Art

Artists participating in the NaLata Festival Internacional movement

It all starts with this incredible movement that offers the largest open-air art exhibition in the city of São Paulo. The paintings are taking place in July and August and are strictly following all the safety standards imposed by the WHO. Protection first. The gables are being painted by amazing Brazilian artists and also have some international ones. Thus, bringing diversity of perspectives.

The paintings take place at various strategic points in the city. For those who want to know what they are, just visit the movement's website on here. So, for those who follow the history of São Paulo, you know that there were more colorful times.

This movement is a breather for the citizen. A relief and a peace in form and color so that no one will forget what life is all about. And one of this year's artists, it's our pride Enivo. The artist, who has a very honorable, long and full of achievements career, marks the idea of a “New Time” there

enivo in scale

Start of the project at Largo da Batata

We spoke with the artist and he told how this intervention happened. “It was an invitation received by the movement NaLata Festival Internacional, which is curated by Luan Cardoso, and which it was an honor to receive and accept. Gables are large projects, which demand a lot of labor but which glorifies themselves with the final work, for the artist and for the passing public of the city.”

The design chosen to print the building at Rua Campo Alegre, no. 60 in Largo da Batata, came from the artist's current production and from a photographic essay he made during his quarantine. Thus, art is a self-portrait, accompanied by the real-life pet, the cat “Branquinha”.

As in life, everything that is good requires a certain effort, it was no different for the realization of this project. At first, the artist was programmed to another location, but ended up moving. It's important that the art is represented in a place that has as much identification as possible with the style, and that's what made the change happen.

However, one of the most relevant factors to build a gable of this size is undoubtedly the city's climate. Rain, wind, cold, sun. Everything influences the action and can delay or disfavor the art. Anyway, nothing was enough to get in the way. Not even the physical fatigue that ends up after hours of work. Here we remember the size of the gable and let's imagine all the physical work involved.

larger message

Process almost finished
Artist Enivo

Anyway, this gable is already one of the successes of the NaLata Festival movement, which has adapted so that everything can be done and appreciated, even in times of pandemic.

For the artist Enivo, the message he wanted to stamp in the middle of the city is that of a “New Time”, as written on the flag that is part of the painting. Life will return at some point in its full activity, and this return will not be the same as before. New behavior protocols, new vision, new solidarity and attitude for a more promising future.

In conclusion, that life will never be as it was before, that the conscience improves and the quality of life too. It is up to us to look ahead and paint a good future with all its colors. As colorful as our Greater Rainbow Warrior. Visit this work in the open and take more color with you wherever you go.


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